About Tiwa N’ Tiwa

Tiwa n’ Tiwa Street Art Festival, is an annual street art festival which was created with the intention to work with the local community to showcase their culture, heritage and assets through food, music, dance, film, theatre, visual art, street art and street performances. For 5 years now, Tiwa n’ Tiwa has focused on the communities in Lagos Island, their assets, history and monuments as part of our narrative and identity as Nigerians and Lagosians. Through its endeavors, Tiwa n’ Tiwa aims to empower young people to reach their full potential and generate income for members of the community, hereby creating a more enabled and empowered environment.


This year, the festival will be themed “Space Of Imagination”. We are inviting people to re-imagine Lagos as more than a place to live, work and rest but as a living entity that is constantly evolving and giving birth to new possibilities everyday. The festival will hold on Lagos Island from Monday 25th to Saturday the 30th of November 2019.



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